Santa Barbara Dogs is a wonderful company, created by two amazing people. Sierra and Richie are not only professional, but they are extremely thoughtful. They take our dog Kaya on weekly walks and the second they show up at our house to pick her up, she is ecstatic! We've seen an amazing improvement in her training and will continue to use Santa Barbara Dogs for years to come!

— Lorie + Kerry


Sierra and Ritchie are fantastic with dogs, and we leave our dog in their care with complete confidence that he will be well cared for and happy.  Bubba has become more obedient, better socialized, and much happier since he started his weekly pack walks over a year ago.  When Richie comes to our door, our 11 year old Bubba (a 65 pound Pit Bull) literally jumps into the air in anticipation of the walk and the morning with Richie, Sierra and the other dogs.  We used to be “house bound”, because we didn’t trust anyone to care for Bubba as we would have liked, and now we leave Bubba in complete confidence.  We have recommended Santa Barbara Dogs to friends and they are equally happy with the service.  Give SB Dogs a try; you will be pleased you did.

— Jay & Elle



My Joe-Joe is the youngest of my three (the first two are human). He is my baby (okay, in dog years he is now older than me!) and I would not trust him to anyone else! Sierra and Richie, Huckleberry and Yogi, have become his extended family. Some weeks he spends more time with them at their home then he does with us. When he comes home he is always content (actually, I think he's a little bummed to come home...they are much more fun than we could ever be!). I know that my "Mr. Sniffy Pants" is in great hands with them! I would recommend them to EVERYONE!

— Charlotte


We love and trust Sierra and Richie at Santa Barbara Dogs because of how much Sheffie does. When he hears their car coming down the street to pick him up for his walks and for his slumber parties (i.e. overnight petsitting), he honesty trips over his own feet getting to the front gate because he is so excited. As soon as they open the gate, Sheffie bee-lines right into the back of their car and waits for them to get back in to take him on his adventure. It is clear that Sheffie loves Sierra and Richie. We have counted on them too many times to count and they have not once let us down. We know Santa Barbara Dogs takes great care of Sheffie and that is why we have trusted them with our dog for years.

— Dr. Patricia W.


We have a 6 year old Portuguese water dog whom we have entrusted to the care of Richie and Sierra for the last two years. They care for her on thrice weekly walks, over night stays and have for as long as 6 weeks. We cannot endorse their care and reliabilitymore highly.

We would rate them an 11 on a 1-10 scale!

— Howard and Suzan S.



Richie & Sierra were some of the first people I met when I moved to Santa Barbara 2.5 years ago and needed dog care for my dog, Belle. Belle was instantly fond of her doggie daycare group and looked forward to joining the pack everyday. Last year Belle came down with IBS and I almost lost her. Sierra was there for me in the middle of the night assisting me with animal hospitals that would take her. Now, over 18 months later, my 12 year old Belle is still active and healthy, thanks to the great care Richie and Sierra have provided. Belle has a tough diet regimen with her IBS and Richie and Sierra have done more in the line of dog care duties than I could have ever hoped for. I am so fortunate to have such amazing dog care and can leave town and never worry about a thing!

— Claire M.